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Open Source 3D Printer
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You will find the software required for Tanillus here regardless of your operating system. And it's all opensource so you will never be charged for it. But you may think about donating to them for their hard work.

Slicing software

The recommended slicing software for use with Tantillus is Kisslicer. Kisslicer is simple to use, extremely quick and produces high quality prints.
  • Download Kisslicer for your operating system and place in its own folder.
  • If the link to the left is unavailable see here for a Kisslicer archieve.

Configuration files

Download predefined config files for your Tantillus that will allow you to get up and running with ease. Please note these will be updated periodically. Check back often for the latest version.

May 20 2013


The recommended firmware for Tantillus is Marlin by Erik Zalm. It provides smooth, high-speed printing and allows for computer-less printing via the LCD control panel and SD card.

Use the download link to the left for a custom version for Tantillus that includes many Tantillus specific features.
  • Automatic fan control.
  • LCD backlight control.
  • 16x2 LCD specific menus.
  • Load / Unload filament from LCD menu.
  • Plus much more, see the readme for a complete list.

Host software

The recommended host software for Tantillus is Pronterface by Kliment. It provides an interface to print from your computer or upload the data to the SD card. It also allows you to monitor the printer, manually jog the axis, set the temperature, and much more.

Source files

The source files are hosted on Github to allow easier integration of the communities improvements and modifications as well as to promote branching and the hopeful evolution of Tantillus. In the true spirit of the RepRap project and the open source ideal I have licensed the project under the GPL license.